logo-google*Google is doing its part to educate people about the violent racial history of America with a hefty contribution.

USA Today reports the tech company is donating $1 million to Harvard educated lawyer and author Bryan Stevenson and his non-profit Equal Justice Initiative. According to Google, the effort comes as it works to help bring online public education programs on racial justice that Stevenson developed.

“Our mission statement is universal access to information and knowledge for everyone,” Justin Steele, a principal with Google.org and the Bay Area and racial justice giving lead, told USA Today. “I think what’s exciting about what EJI is doing is that at a national level it is really trying to tell the untold history around race in this country and help people develop a deeper understanding for the narrative around race and how we have gotten to where we are.”

In addition to bringing Stevenson’s programs online, Google’s donation will go towards supporting greater efforts by Stevenson to create civil rights landmarks such as the nation’s first lynching memorial and memorial markers at lynching sites.

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