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Issa Rae Selects ‘Solely’ for #ShortFilmSundays

* In the second installment of her #ShortFilmSundays, Awkward Black Girl and Insecure (HBO) creator Issa Rae has hand-selected Solely.

The raw and provocative portrayal of one girl’s choice was featured on Rae’s popular YouTube as part of her platform to introduce filmmakers of color.

Solely is a day-in-the-life of a young dancer and her heart-wrenching experience dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Alone in her decision, a conflicted Lexi stands firm in her resolution while attempting to find solace and grace in its wake. In its raw depiction, Solely is an unflinching portrayal of a woman exercising control of her body.

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“Solely is, at its core, an experiential journey, laying bare the emotional turmoil of arguably one of life’s most dif­ficult choices,” explains director Anna Nersesyan.

“Solely aims to demystify an oft contested but rarely depicted experience and, in doing so, humanize the girl behind the choice. No matter the personal political or moral philosophies an audience may bring to a viewing, we aim at the very least to leave them with a sense of empathy for young Lexi.”

“I intended for ‘Solely’ to be this raw, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ experience for the audience,” further adds writer, producer and star, Madia Hill Scott. “In today’s polarizing conversation on a women’s right to choose, I hope the film opens up an honest dialogue between the sexes while highlighting a rarely-seen reality of women across the world. ”

Anyone who has had the experience depicted in ‘Solely’ knows the relevance of telling this story. The pain the character endures by her own choosing is incredible. Solely is a touching short enactment of an exquisitely painful procedure that still happens today.

Starring, produced & written by Madia Hill. Directed by Anna Nersesyan.


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