Jay King hosts Sacramento Music Business Summit March 26th 2016. www.sacmusicsummit.com

Jay King hosts Sacramento Music Business Summit March 26th 2016. www.sacmusicsummit.com

*Sacramento, CA  – The music business is coming to Sacramento March 26, 2016 via The Sacramento Music Business Summit and music producer/musician Jay King.

Hosted at the Sacramento Urban League located in North Sacramento (Del Paso Heights) at 3725 Marysville Blvd, registration starts at 8:30am and the first of ten (1 to 2 hour) panel discussions starting at 10am and will go until 8pm.

The Sacramento Music Business Summit will host over 30 speakers, panelists and experts in the music and entertainment business. The California Black Chamber Of Commerce Foundations CEO & President Mr. Aubry Stone said:

“It is my intent to do everything I can to promote entrepreneurial minded, creative, business and forward thinking ideals to our young people and the community of Sacramento at large and arts & entertainment are at the foreground of this thought process.”

The California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation along with it’s Community Radio Station 97.5 FM KDEE, The Sacramento Urban League, The Sacramento Observer Newspaper, The Jay King Network and a host of other community organizations; as well as District 2 Councilman Allen Wayne Warren and Mayor Kevin Johnson have come together to bring a powerful slate of speakers, experts and legends to speak on every aspect of the music business from “How To Pitch Your Music Venture To Investors” to “How To Build A Career With A Thousand Fans” the information will be powerful, informative and inspiring and is open to anyone thinking seriously about making the music business or entertainment a career consideration.

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Organized by Jay King on behalf of the California Black Chamber and KDEE King said:

“I am from this community (Del Paso Heights), started my career here 30 years ago (King rewrote music business history when he manufactured, distributed, marketed & promoted the Multi-Million selling #1 R&B and Top Ten Pop hit ‘Rumors’ by the Timex Social Club on his Indi label Jay Records in 1986) and I know what kind of talent, infrastructure and support that exists here, it’s just a matter of time before record companies and Indi labels will be converging on Sacramento as a testing ground before they decide to spend money nationally on their artists because we have a perfect storm between radio (KDEE), retail (Dimple Record stores) and venues to test whether a record has legs nationally or not.”

The idea of the summit is to better educate our local artists, songwriters, producers, radio, retail, media and venues. We want to build real synergy and networking opportunities between all of these entities while at the same time connecting local artists to the music industry at large by inviting music professionals like Rhonda Bedikian (music supervisor, publishing expert and administrator), Larry Dunn (keyboardist, producer, songwriter, arranger, entrepreneur) an original member of Earth Wind & Fire who’s also a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame and Grammys Hall of Fame, Reggie Calloway (singer, songwriter, producer) creator of R&B/Pop Band “Midnight Star” and a host of other guests including local talents like Derek D.O.A. Allen (Producer, Songwriter, Bassist) who has performed with and/or produced Karyn White, Janet Jackson and Lionel Ritchie among others and Ken Hall (manager of local hit artist Rashaad “If you Leave”) to share their experiences, knowledge, stories and information.  Also added to the panelists is Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks, author of the new book The Anatomy of the Music Industry.  Westbrooks will share his expertise as a marketer, visionary and businessman who was one of the music industry’s first black executives.  His new book contains guidance from over 30 industry professionals, of which Jay King is one of them.

The price of admission for this historical event is $50.00 in advance and $60.00 at the door, for more information you can go to www.sacmusicsummit.com or you can call 877-332-4048 the list of speakers and panels can be found on the website for interview requests send emails to [email protected]

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For more information contact: Stephanie Beard (877) 332- 4048  or email: [email protected]