jerrod carmichael
*Jerrod Carmichael is known as one of the edgiest comedians out. So much so that for some, it may come off as offensive.

While promoting the return of his hit NBC series, “The Carmichael Show,” Carmichael revealed to The Breakfast Club that viewers can expect the characters on the show to touch on things ranging from guns to race to the downfall of Bill Cosby.

As for his own brand of comedy and the notion of him offending his audience, Carmichael stated that while he’s not purposely offensive, he speaks honestly.

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“For me, it’s like if I can somehow expand consciousness by saying ‘Hey you can think like this. You can think removed from the parameters of how you’re supposed to think.’ Like if humor can do that and in some sense try and expand consciousness on any level.”

“The Carmichael Show” will premiere its second season at 9pm ET Sunday (Mar. 13) on NBC. To see Carmichael’s Breakfast Club interview, check out the video below: