Jimi-Hendrix*The estate of Jimi Hendrix is taking its Purple Haze seriously as it brings a new lawsuit against a relative of the late rock legend.

*According to TMZ, Experience Hendrix, the company that controls Hendrix’s merchandising, is suing Leon Hendrix for selling a berry-flavored cognac and vodka blend called “Purple Haze Liqueur.”

Giving more fuel to the lawsuit is the fact that bottles of the beverage feature a picture of Hendrix. Experience Hendrix claims Leon Hendrix has no authority Jimi Hendrix’s name or likeness.

The new lawsuit comes after Leon Hendrix was responsible for the same offense back in 2008. During that time, Experience Hendrix managed to block sales of Jimi Hendrix Electric Vodka, which it believes to be a project Leon Hendrix was responsible for.

Experience Hendrix goes on to mention Leon’s status as kind of a black sheep in the Hendrix family. The claim stems from Jimi Hendrix’s father purposely leaving Leon out when he handed out control of the guitarist’s music and merchandising.

Overall, Experience Hendrix is suing Leon and his business partner for all their profits and requests an injunction to block all future sales of “Purple Haze Liqueur.”

Hey, there is NO way we’re gonna make mention of the classic Jimi Hendrix tune “Purple Haze” without playing the song itself.  Check out the Jimi Hendrix Experience below at what is said to be a rehearsal session.