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Kari Faux Keeps it Retro In ‘This Right Here’ Video

* Kari Faux  ~ Breakout female emcee, Kari Faux’s new video for “This Right Here,” premiered with Nylon.com

As the iTunes pre-order for her upcoming debut album, “Lost En Los Angeles” went live.  from Wolf & Rothstein, distributed by ADA.

Instant Grat Tracks- “Supplier” and “This Right Here,” are instant downloads for fans who pre-order the album.

As in the “Supplier” video, Kari’s style in “This Right Here” continues to reference the late 70’s/early 80’s.

While adults at a family gathering are absorbed by their phones, Kari works the room and calls them out. Her “phone” is a microphone and “this right here my song!!” Other partygoers finally get in the groove with a particularly amusing call and response moment.

Lost En Los Angeles, chronicles the past eighteen months of this breakthrough recording artist, producer, painter, explorer’s process of “discovery” and “disconnection.”

“To me Lost En Los Angeles, is bigger than just my experiences in LA,” said Kari. “The album explores the moment of transition everyone goes through in life of finding yourself and where you are most happy. You can feel disconnected, even when you’re surrounded. Actually, that usually feels lonelier than being alone. These are things I think everyone can relate to.”

About Kari Faux

Kari Johnson grew up in Little Rock, AR and adopted the “Faux” moniker after realizing she could turn people’s misperceptions into a positive. In a city where prominent rap figures have been scarce, Kari stood out with her ingenuity, and ability to write, rap, and produce her own material.

Through various mixtapes, including her standout “Laugh Now, Die Later,” she established a following in Little Rock and Atlanta, garnering the attention of Wiz Khalifa, Janelle Monae, and Childish Gambino. The latter worked with Faux on a remix of her bass heavy, “No Small Talk”, which he included on his Stone Mountain mixtape and eventually signed Kari to a deal with Wolf & Rothstein (a business venture with Mick Management).

Faux, a Southern rapper known for her in-the-pocket flow and smooth delivery, was transplanted to Los Angeles. She spent much of 2015 finding herself (hence the irony of album title about feeling “lost”) and will releaseLost En Los Angeles on April 8, 2016 Wolf & Rothstein (distributed by ADA).

Check out the video for “This Right Here”

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