karrine-stephans-oprah-maya-angelou*Promiscuous may be the last work you use when talking about Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, but Karrine “Superhead” Steffans went there when responding to a Twitter follower.

According to BET, the back and forth started when the follower took Steffans to task for her sexual past, saying she will never be saying she’ll never be as respectable as Winfrey. Check out the Twitter exchange between the pair below:

@karrineandco I look up to Oprah. I want to be a woman like Oprah not you. Everything you do is tasteless — guru (@rockos_worldd) March 6, 2016

[email protected] was a hoe. She was promiscuous after her rape, admittedly. Same story. More money doesn’t erase truth. https://t.co/ujelBaf3P1 — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 6, 2016

Steffans’ response may have been rough, but the former video vixen goes on to justify her position by pointing out a double standard. The video vixen/author mentioned that like Winfrey and Angelou, sexual abuse was a was a formative experience from her childhood. Yet, it should not define who she is as a grown woman.

Scroll below to read Steffans’ reasoning behind bringing up Winfrey and Angelou’s sexual pasts:

Oprah was promiscuous. Maya Angelou was a prostitute. A woman’s sexual organs, their functions or reputation will never define or stop her. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016

You revere great women but give no credit to their sexual traumas and repercussions for making them stronger, better, wiser women. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016

Take a long, hard look at our strong, honorable black women and see how their sex plays a part in their stories. pic.twitter.com/8jSPK9Xn4F\ — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016

These women are the best proof that where we start isn’t always how we end up and that sexual pasts have nothing to do with worth & purpose. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016

So what say you? Does Steffans have a point with her commentary or is she wrong for shining a light on Winfrey and Angelou the way she did.

Weigh in below: