L to R, Fred Goldman, Kim Goldman, Steve Harvey

*With the O.J. Simpson double murder case back in the cultural landscape thanks to FX, the family of victim Ron Goldman will appear on “The Steve Harvey Show” Tuesday to discuss their memories of the trial, reaction to the verdict, thoughts on FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson” and how they feel about Simpson today.

Below, Kim Goldman tells the story of how she saw O.J. in a parking lot one time and wanted to run him over:

Below, Kim explains why, against her dad’s wishes, she wrote a letter to O.J., asking to see him in prison. He would only agree to the meeting, if Kim signed a non-disclosure agreement, saying that the meeting never happened. She declined his offer.

L to R, Kato Kaelin, Steve Harvey

L to R, Kato Kaelin, Steve Harvey

Also, Simpson’s former house guest, Kato Kaelin joins Steve for a look back at his involvement as a key player in the horrific case and his thoughts on the portrayal of him in the FX series.

Below, Kato says he disagrees with the actor’s choice to play him as “Wayne’s World”: