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An arrest warrant has been issued for Katt Wiliams violating his parole by for punching 17-year-old Luke Walsh.

*Dang, it’s about to happen again. But we can’t say we’re surprised.

We are of course referring to the situation that comedian Katt Williams finds himself in … again. Today (03-28-16) he’s the subject of an arrest warrant for violating his probation by fighting a Georgia juvenile (Luke Walsh) last week.

In Atlanta, WSB/Channel 2’s Tom Regan reports that Gainesville, GA police issued an arrest warrant for Williams on Monday. He will be charged with disorderly conduct and bond violations.

Williams, 42, spoke about the incident when he appeared at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Friday where he was booked to perform his stand-up comedy shtick.

Williams said he stopped his car to play a game of soccer with children in the seedy part of Gainesville three weeks ago

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He said young Walsh was aggressive and “talked sh*t about me the whole game. My teammates are trying to let me know something ain’t right. He says some slick sh*t.”

Williams said he thought 17-year-old Walsh was 19.

“I said listen, you know I’m in trouble with the mother f*ckin’ law,” Williams told the crowd. “Just understand I can take your ass around this f*ckin’ corner. I will explain to you you don’t talk to grown men like this.”

Williams then said he tried to teach Walsh a grown man lesson. But the teen, who’s also a varsity wrestler, ended up surprising Williams with moves he didn’t expect.

Interestingly, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Walsh said Williams took him over to a “secluded area” and asked the boy to hit him.

If Williams is arrested before the month is over in 4 days, it will be his second time this month.

Katt Williams was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in 2008.

source: SandraRose.com