katt-williams*Katt Williams is setting the record straight on what really happened to him after taking in a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia on Sunday night (Mar. 6).

According to reports, security intervened split up Williams and a group of men who appeared to jump him after he few across the stage to punch a man in the face who was standing nearby

In video posted on WorldStarHipHop, Williams cleared the air on the incident, which sent the rumor mill into overdrive with talk of him getting robbed rather than jumped by the group of guys.

Nevertheless, the funnyman stated that none of the above took place.

“The word on the street is that after Beanie Sigel’s show, Katt Williams got his a$$ whooped,” Williams said in the video while admitting that he heard the same rumors about himself that everyone else got wind of. “I’m going to tell you what really happened. I heard the same rumors you heard. I heard Katt Williams was at a club on Beanie Sigel’s birthday after his show. I heard they beat Katt Williams a$$ and then they robbed him. It’s getting to the point right now where you can’t believe what you see or believe what you hear.”

“Just in case my face look not like the face of Katt Williams and maybe it was all bloody and bruised,” Williams continued. But I done talked to you now with this face and you done looked in my eyes, and you done seen that clearly ain’t no n*gga popped me in my motherf&ckin mouth because I’m still talking as reckless as I was talking at the show the prior evening.”

As for all the robbery talk, Williams mentioned that if he was robbed, the robbers missed a “$75 – $85 k Rolex” and that “if you did rob me, I will let you know that n*gga walked in the club with two chains and walked out that b*tch with two chains.”

Watch Williams explain what happened to him after the Beanie Sigel show: