Lil-Wayne*Lil Wayne’s love of the military was on full display as he took time out to spend time with a group of U.S. Marines.

According to TMZ, Wayne was on the tarmac at Indianapolis International Airport when he spotted a C-130 close by his private jet. It was then that Wayne got out of his jet to greet 30 Marines after telling his pilot to turn around and park the jet next to the military plane.

Needless to say, the celebrity meet and greet went over well with the troops. Chatting with TMZ, Marine Staff Sgt. Robert Luther told the site that the Young Money rapper and his crew were extremely gracious and made their day.

As Lil Wayne hob knobs with military personnel, Yasiin Bey is getting a less than friendly experience in a South African court.

mos def

TMZ reports the rapper formerly known as Mos Def was turned away in the court Tuesday (Mar. 8) after he refused to remove a turban on his head. Despite being turned away, Bey returned later with a loose scarf partially covering his head.

The incident marks the latest development in Bey’s ongoing legal drama in South Africa. The rhymeslinger’s situation stems from charges of leaving the country with a bogus passport.

The charge resulted after Bey presented a “world passport,” instead of his American passport. Technically called “World Government of World Citizens,” the world passport is not recognized by South Africa.