Lisa Raye*48-year-old LisaRaye McCoy tells Hip Hollywood that she’s looking for love. Sure, she’s been married twice before but now she’s ready for something to last forever. She opened up to the site about what kind of man she’s looking for.

“I think there’s expectations of people feeling like ‘oh my God, she was a First Lady, she was married to a president, what could we have to offer her,’ and that’s true cause I don’t want nobody wasting my time,” LisaRaye revealed with a laugh. But in all seriousness, the “Single Ladies” star says she ready to do it right, “I just want to find a good friend, a foundation of a friendship and be able to marry this time and do it right.”

McCoy has a daughter from a previous relationship with Kenji Pace. In 1992, she married Tony Martin, but they divorced two years later. In April 2006, McCoy married the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Michael Misick. During their marriage, McCoy’s title was “First Lady of Turks and Caicos.” In August 2008, the couple announced they were divorcing. Misick resigned from office in March 2009 after an investigation found “clear signs of corruption.” He fled his country and was eventually arrested in Brazil and extradited back to the islands to stand trial.

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McCoy is best known for portraying Diana “Diamond” Armstrong in the 1998 film “The Players Club.” Her credits also include “All of Us” and “Single Ladies.” In 2005, she launched two fashion lines: Luxe & Romance, a lingerie line that was introduced during New York’s Fashion Week, and Xraye, a jeans line for women. In 2011, she launched her jean collection “The LisaRaye Collection” in partnership with PZI Jeans, and a hair-line, “LisaRaye Glamour.”

Most recently, the actress was hit with a defamation lawsuit by Cameroonian pop singer Dencia after McCoy claimed her skin bleaching product cause cancer.