marceles owens & pres obama

*Who could forget the face of that cute little brown boy who made history as he stood next to president Barack Obama, as he signed the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)  into law at the White House.

Marcelas Owens can.

At the time he was 11-years-old. It was March 23, 2010 . And he was a chubby little African American boy.

CNN describes him as “the miniature health care activist in the black vest dwarfed by powerful lawmakers in a famous photo of that moment. He was a modern-day Peter Pan, perpetually frozen in childhood even as the news cycle moved on.”

But no more.  Today, at 17, when most teens are going through vast tubes of clearisil to get rid of those nagging pimples; Marcelas is faced with the challenge of being transgender, and all that it entails.

“I’m going through a reinvention process,” she says. “I’m growing into adulthood. I’m not the Obamacare kid anymore.”

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