Master P*Master P is planning to hit the road for a 40 city “Pop-Up Tour,” hitting up various clubs to perform his classics, such as “Make ‘Em Say Uhh.”

TMZ reports that the New Orleans Hip Hop veteran kicked off the tour with a show in the Los Angeles area over the weekend.

The music mogul rocked the stage at the Savoy nightclub in Inglewood, with his tracks “Miss My Homies” and “Down For N*ggas,” and he also released a new single titled “Middle Finger.”

P says he only has one requirement for the clubs he’ll be hitting … that they’re “straight in the hood.”

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Meanwhile, last year, So So Def artist Royce Rizzy was slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit by luxury automaker Rolls-Royce. The car company alleged that the 24-year-old rapper was using their brand to push his unsavory urban image. The automaker claimed they sent multiple cease-and-desist letters to Rizzy but he continued to sell his “Team Rolls Royce” T-shirts on his official website.

Even his boss Jermaine Dupri, had advised him to drop “Rolls” from his name. “I know how business works,” he said.

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At the time, Royce seemed to be honored by the lawsuit, as he posted on Twitter last January that the car company should thank him for using their logo.

“i must be doing something right billion dollar company is suing me … if anything they should be embracing me,” he tweeted, adding that he works hard to make “good music” that is “still underrated.”

Rizzy would eventually succumb to the advice of the more business savvy minds around him, and dropped the “Rolls” from his name about a year ago, but that wasn’t enough to make a recent judge dismiss the infringement case against him. TMZ reports that the court has found in favor of the car company and the Atlanta-based rapper can no longer use Rolls Royce Rizzy to promote his brand. He is also forbidden from using the company’s RR logo to sell merchandise or market his music videos.