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*Rapper Nas has been hit with the tax lien by the state of Georgia, exclusively reports.

Nas (real name Nasir Jones) is accused of not paying taxes to officials in the state to tune of $58,000. Since then, interest, penalties and fees have been added on and he now owes over $145,000.

According to court docs, Nas was hit with a separate tax lien last year for $276,000 for 2006. The debt has reportedly not been paid off, bringing his alleged total to $423,000 in the state. The State Department of Revenue wants the rapper’s assets and property due to his unpaid taxes.

If you recall, Nas once had his tour paychecks garnished to repay a $1,000,000 debt to the state of Georgia. Back in 2012, TMZ reported that he owed unpaid taxes over the years 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010. According to court documents, Nas was ordered to forfeit profits earned from touring with Lauryn Hill until his debt was satisfied.

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Tiny,KandiMeanwhile, Tameka “Tiny” Harris has released a statement about giving birth at age 40 to “lucky” baby number 7. She posted a photo with friend and former Xscape member Kandi Burruss, before she gave birth to a baby girl on March 26. In a statement to PEOPLE, Harris revealed details about the new addition.

“Yesterday, March 26th, at 2:58PM we welcomed a beautiful baby girl that weighed in at 5lbs. In true Harris fashion, our baby girl made us all HUSTLE, making a surprise early entrance. While we expected her to arrive around April 20th, our PERFECT baby girl decided March 26th was the right time for her DEBUT.”

It was rumored that T.I. missed the birth due to a concert in Las Vegas, but Tiny cleared that up with a statement.

“My husband, Tip Harris, went from the stage right to the plane from his show in Las Vegas and luckily, made it to Atlanta with time to spare. Our whole clan was together to see our beautiful healthy baby girl make her way into the world. Just the way I like it!!,” she said.