beyonce-trayvon martin family*Hey haters, check this out.

Beyoncé is not letting the uproar over her “Formation” music video affect her as she takes things a step further with her next video.

Reportedly the parents of Trayvon Martin will be featured in the video along with family members of Tamir Rice and Michael Brown. All three teens are noted for being unarmed when they were killed by an overzealous white security guard in Florida (Martin) and white police officers in Cleveland and Ferguson, respectively (Rice and Brown). The deaths triggered outrage around the country as well as concern and action among activists involved with the Black Lives Movement.

News of the cameos first surfaced last weekend on the @BeyHive Team, which mentioned that the family members will display photos of Martin, Rice and Brown in the music video.

The forthcoming video follows Beyoncé’s previous video for her latest song, “Formation,” which surfaced on the weekend of the Super Bowl 50 back in early February. The clip is noted for featuring a young boy dressed in black dancing in front of police officers as well as a scene that showed Beyoncé gyrating on top of a sinking New Orleans police car.

In addition to the “Formation” video Beyoncé performed the song during the Super Bowl halftime show while paying tribute to the Black Panther Party. Although the performance generated praise among the singer’s fans and others, several police departments and those supporting officers were upset and criticized Beyoncé as they threatened to boycott her upcoming Formation world tour. The outing is scheduled to kick off in late April, according to HipHopDX.

The @BeyHive Team further triggered speculation about the pending video by posting photos of Beyoncé captioned with claims pointing to cameos from Martin’s, Rice’s and Brown’s parents in the new clip.

source: Sandra Rose