nicki minaj - dubai
*During a concert in Dubai Friday night a security guard found out the hard way that Nicki Minaj can do some serious multitasking.

Not only was Nicki entertaining the audience, but at the same time – like James Brown used to do back in the day – she’s watching what her personnel is doing … or NOT doing.

The video below shows Miss Nicki stopping in the middle of her performance of Beyoncé-featured hit “Feeling Myself” to put a security guard in check.

After noticing that dude was on his cell phone, she stopped rapping and put on her signature pissed off look and walked over to the man who didn’t have a clue as to what was about to happen. She snatched the cell phone out of his hand and threw it across the stage.

Now, we have no idea if the security guy was able to find the phone or if it was damaged. Meanwhile, the response has been mixed. Some say they would’ve done the same thing ’cause the security guard should’ve been working, while others think that the stunt was unnecessary.

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Here’s a sample of online reactions:

“She may have been right….he’s paid to guard her life and he’s on the phone but best believe that aggressiveness in a woman is applied w/o prejudice meaning meek gets the same treatment.” – Intelligent hoodlum

“The right thing to do would be to fire him after the show. He’s an employee and nick Is his boss, not his mom. You don’t trash your employees shit, that’s just not becoming of an owner of a company. She played dude, she was outta pocket.” – Raps I Quote

“He was security. She can also sue him or his company for not doing his job and possibly allowing the show to get f*cked up by a nutso storming the stage or whatever. She’ll get a lot more than what a shitty smartphone is worth.” – Jeffrey Jones