zoe saldana & nina simone

*Ever since the Nina Simone life story project was announced it’s been enshrouded in controversy. Chief of which is the casting of actress Zoe Saldana to play Simone.

Well, also it’s no secret that the late, legendary singer’s daughter just downright hates Saldana as the choice to play her mother.

Amid that testy background comes word that … check this out … Nina Simone’s verified Twitter account is throwing shade … at Saldana.

It started when Zoe Saldana tweeted a Nina Simone quote in response to the backlash she’s been receiving over the movie.

Nina’s Twitter responded with this …

Dang. Makes you wonder if Saldana thinks this whole thing was worth all the abuse she’s getting for taking the role.

h/t: lovebscott