octavia spencer,*Octavia Spencer laughed off a report claiming she was rude to her fans at her book signing. She took to Twitter to denounce the allegations, according to ABC News.

“Gotta laugh when ppl would actually believe that you were rude to a child… at YOUR CHILDREN’S BOOK SIGNING,” Spencer tweeted.

Spencer was promoting her children’s book, “Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective: The Sweetest Heist in History” at a Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles where she allegedly was a diva.

Spencer allegedly complained about her “tiny glass of water.” She cut the Q&A short, and refused to take photos or talk with fans.

A fan, Angel Guzman, told the Daily Mail she was “acting like a diva.” “Octavia was mean, rude and horrible to everyone,” he said. According to Guzman, some fans left the bookstore and some asked for a refund.