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When she’s not taping ‘RHOA,” Phaedra Parks practices law by day and embalms dead people by night

*Phaedra Parks doesn’t have superpowers, but she apparently has a double life practicing law during the day and embalming dead bodies on the side.

Chatting with Page Six, Parks revealed confirmed her experience as an embalmer and her reasons for working the profession.

“I practice law five days a week, and if I’m embalming a body, it’s usually overnight,” the 44-year-old “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star said Thursday. “It’s the quietest time of the night that you’re doing the embalming work.”

Despite how surprising it may be, Parks’ time as an embalmer is nothing new. The mom of two embalmed her own grandmother in 2012. As far as how she’s able to juggle two jobs, Parks stated that because the gigs are so different, it makes it possible for her to work the jobs without any problems.

“The funeral business is really an overnight and weekend business,” she explained. “Saturday is the funeral day for people of color, usually. And of course, the courthouses and law firms are closed on Saturdays.”

As for her reason for working in the in the funeral industry, Parks attributed it to a series of tragedies that happened one after the other for a number of years.

“I went through a very terrible time about two years straight. My sister passed, my law partner died and two of my friends committed suicide,” she said. “I became so depressed that it sparked something in me, to really research and start hanging out at the funeral home, just to figure out the process.”

So just what can one expect from one of Phaedra’s funerals?

“I really see myself as being the Vera Wang of funerals. I’m very creative and I’m always thinking outside the box.”

Watch Parks discuss her embalming career below: