*On “The Talk,” Executive producer Queen Latifah and actress Paula Patton discuss their new film “The Perfect Match” and their experiences with love and commitment.

Queen Latifah says, “…I just don’t think you can force somebody to deal with their commitment issues…I’m speaking from someone who was the original runaway bride!”

She goes on, “…I had to deal with why I was so afraid to get into committed relationships and once I started to figure some of those things out, then all the walls start to fall down a little more, made a life a lot easier.”

Sara Gilbert asks Paula Patton, Robin Thicke’s ex-wife, about her character, a therapist, giving advice on heartbreak and if she can relate.

Patton laughs and responds, “I certainly have the experience… No, but it’s a good thing though, that’s okay, because it just makes you stronger…in the moment it’s hard, but it does benefit you in the end and I do think no matter how many times your heart gets broken you have to get back up and go back in it.”

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