racial attack

*I’m going to miss my President and First Lady when they leave office.

It’s true, they will be a tough act to follow. On so many levels they have changed how many of us now view the First Family moving forward. The Obama’s knew how to be sociable. They knew how to connect with the public. They were ‘just folks’ kind of people.

And we know we won’t get that again.

But I didn’t mean to go all memory lane on you. Because my point was REALLY going to give credit to president Obama for doing something he never intended to do.

Bring racism back out into the forefront.

That nagging, underlying, ugliness could no longer hide behind stiff smiles, loud whispers, and ignorant, insensitive remarks. It reared its ugly head and came out kicking.

People found it impossible not to display their hate of him as president; solely based on the fact that he is Black. And didn’t hold back in telling him so either.

Which brings me to what this article is really about. The white man in Texas so filled with hate for a Black female candidate running for democratic office, that he drove to her office in his white Jeep, screamed out the expletive, “F*ck the n*ggers,” then took his rifle and shot out the office windows of her campaign headquarters.

He couldn’t even contain his hate. He probably would’ve spontaneously combusted had he not done that.

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