Off the Wall Reissue

*Yes, the album’s 36 years old!

Yes, I am often weary of reissues of classic albums,  fearing that they’re blatant money grabs.

Yes, this reissue is an absolute must-have.

1979’s Off The Wall was the first of a trilogy of Quincy Jones-helmed masterpieces that will be played long after you and I are gone. This first album put Michael Jackson’s contemporaries and fans on notice: our little Michael wasn’t singing about ABC’s and pet rats any more. Our boy had grown up.

First of all, the reissue’s packaging restores Jackson’s gloriously youthful, pre-surgery face on the cover. He was just 20 years old when the album was originally released, and the cover shot could have almost been his high school prom photo — if not for the glowing socks. For years, reissues of the album have featured only the bottom half of the image, as the eccentric star reshaped his visage.

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