Stephen-A-Smith-Glenn-Robinson*Let it be known there is no love lost between Stephen A. Smith and former NBA star Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson.

According to TMZ Sports, the ESPN commentator’s dislike of Robinson comes from his opinion that the athlete is a total hypocrite on issues pertaining to race.

“I despise him and he despises me,” Smith confessed during an interview on Sirius XM’s “Karen Hunter Show” while discussing race and sports.

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As for the cause of the beef, Smith mentioned that it comes from Robinson talking about a pro-black agenda, yet treating the only black head coach he ever played for terribly.

“I saw this man march lock step with what (former Bucks Coach) George Karl wanted to do … but Randy Ayers becomes the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers … you treated this man like trash, but you’ll come and talk to reporters about how brothers need to facilitate brothers being hired, but you had one and how’d you treat him?” Smith stated.

To hear Smith’s interview, check out the audio below: