Tanya Blount, Michael Trotter, Imagine Hillary

Tanya Blount Releases Music With Wounded Warrior Husband

* Tanya Blount and Michael Trotter ~ Seven49 Group debuts the lyric video for the provocative new single, “Imagine…Hillary Clinton,” which offers a beautiful ode to community change, progress and togetherness.

The touching ballad, written and performed by married couple Tanya Blount and Michael Trotter, Jr., also boldly proclaims support for Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

View the lyric video below “Imagine…Hillary”

Set to powerful footage of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, “Imagine…Hillary Clinton” is an appeal to envision the positive outcomes that are possible if a community and a nation puts aside differences and rallies together for the common good of humanity.

“What Hillary Clinton is doing for women and young girls around the world is giving them hope; allowing them to know that they will have equal rights if she is President in this nation,” says Tonya Blount. Michael Trotter, Jr. says “Hillary Clinton is someone I totally believe has all of our best interests at heart.”

Of “Imagine…Hillary Clinton,” Trotter & Blount say: “Through this song, we want to urge men, women and children to unite in imagining a world where differences are embraced.”

Tanya Blount

Tanya Blount, was featured in the film, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit as the character “Tanya.”  In the film, she performed a duet of “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” with Lauryn Hill.

Michael Trotter, Jr boasts a soothing, soulful voice, yet humble approach to the stage.

Trotter is a veteran/wounded warrior who fought and served two tours in Iraq. Blount and Trotter met and were married four years ago.

Trotter and Blount Love Affair sampler

Now performing together, this talented husband and wife duo have recorded a 14 song project that captures the magic of the ministry of marriage and the pure love shared between God and man.

Appropriately entitled “Love Affair”, this project will take you on a journey to find your love for mankind and the love of God.

“Imagine…Hillary” is an adaptation of “Imagine,” the first single from Trotter & Blount’s current project Love Affair, which is currently available at all digital music outlets.

 Love Affair Music Sampler

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