cory hunter*The teacher who generated attention and headlines after telling a 16-year-old female student her “only purpose” was to “have sex and have babies” has resigned.

WSB-TV reports that Cory Hunter’s resignation as a teacher in the Greene County, GA. Public School System occurred Monday (03-14-16) during a heated school board meeting on Monday.

Addressing the crowd, School Superintendent Chris Houston said Hunter apologized for any “disruption” caused by Hunter’s behavior.

From there, Hunter reportedly said, “I’m sorry. I quit.”

Hunter’s resignation came after he ignited outrage over his treatment of Shaniaya Hunter, a junior at Greene County High School, who has an eye condition that caused her to miss numerous days from class.

After a few unexcused absences, Shaniaya asked Hunter (who is not related to her) if she could take a makeup test.

It was then that Hunter allegedly told the student, “I have been around for 37 years and clearly, you are the dumbest girl that I have ever met.”

“You know what your purpose going to be? To have sex and have children, because you ain’t gonna never be smart,” he added.

In an interview with WSB-TV, Shaniaya acknowledged she recorded Hunter’s outburst on her iPad, in light of him being known for insulting other students in his class.

“It really hurt me inside,” Shaniaya told the ABC News affiliate about Hunter’s comments.