donald-trump*Donald Trump is apparently leaving no method of getting a look from black people unchecked.

So much so that the GOP frontrunner’s campaign has resorted to Photoshop to show how Trump is supposedly popular among blacks, according to a Mediaite, which cited a picture from Eric Ming.

The following is what Ming found regarding the Trump campaign’s efforts to change the color of a model that appears in an ad for Trump campaign clothing:


Above is the original, plain shirt, modeled by a very fair (white) woman.

And here is the same v-neck t-shirt Trump’s website selling the v-neck with “Trump” silkscreened onto it. And notice that the model has had her skin darkened :


The digital altering of the image appears to be a deliberate attempt to diversify the candidate’s image, though enlisting a real woman of color might have been an easier and less dangerous way to do that.

Mediaite goes on to point out that the Photoshopped image falls in line with controversial Trump behavior such as his insistence that he can and will create jobs, “all while almost exclusively hiring seasonal workers and immigrants in his own hotels.”

News of the tampered Trump campaign clothing photo comes as the real estate mogul faces real opposition from his own party.  As we reported, former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who welcomed Trump’s endorsement of him in 2012, is slamming the political powerhouse for not being less than great at managing his business and affairs.