viola davis (on kimmel)
*Remember back when we told you about Viola Davis messing up her back when she filmed a sex scene for “How to Get Away With Murder?

Well, during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, she gave up the deets on just what went down.

“We really went for it,” she said. “I said, ‘Listen, I’m always playing a maid, I’m always gaining 40 pounds for a role. I want to be sexy! I’m pulling out all the stops!’”

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Yeah, it may look all sexy and intimate and stuff, but that not how it feels when you’re doing it (shooting the scene, that is.)

“The director said ‘Slam her up against the wall, and then really go for it, pull your pants down,’” said Viola. “He slams me up against the wall. Six people are behind the wall, holding it up. That thing is shaking. It sounds sexy but it really wasn’t.”