Gradfather(left), Stefan Dart(middle), Grandmother (right)

Gradfather(left), Stefan Dart(middle), Grandmother (right)

*Twenty-four year old, Stefun Darts, is a full-time working college student who not only makes time for his studies; but, others’ needs as well. Recently Darts surprised his grandparents with a $15,000 check to aid them in paying off their home.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Marilyn said, Darts’ grandmother told KHOU-TV. “To have a grandson like that is a blessing.”

If it wasn’t for Dart stepping in, they would have continued paying on their home  for four more years. He indeed lifted a tremendous burden off of their hands.

Not only did they receive that amazing gift, they were also given 2 tickets to go and enjoy the Bahamas.

For the past six years, Stefun worked nonstop and was frugal with his spending to make sure he could keep his promise. He worked odd jobs — everything from working as a cook at Pizza Hut to answering phones for a customer service company.

“It was a dream to see them happy,” Stefun said. “It’s something that can’t be explained, it can only be felt.

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