*Thank goodness Paula Andrews went further than an assumption when she heard faint cries coming from a trash compactor.

Another woman had heard the muffled sound and thought it was coming from a doll, but Andrews felt something in the pit of her stomach that told her, “something is not right here.”

And it wasn’t.

So she decided to jump into the filthy trash compactor, loaded with garbage bags and such; and started to dig. By the time she reached the discarded infant, covered in blood and still attached to the umbiblical cord, she had thrown aside 20 bags of garbage and a microwave.

“She must have gone through about 2½ feet of garbage — probably about 20 garbage bags — and discovers this brand new, newborn child there,” her boyfriend, Jeff Meyers, told Seattle NBC affiliate KING-TV. “She kind of jumped out of the garbage compactor, went to her knees crying and said, ‘I can’t believe it’s a real baby. I can’t believe somebody had done this.’”

Meyers told CBS affiliate KUTV that things could have turned out much differently.

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