Kelly Rowland in BET’s “Chasing Destiny”

*Producers of Kelly Rowland’s new BET series “Chasing Destiny” describe the show’s search and formation of a girl group as “authentic” — which some might  interpret as a read against “American Idol” and “The Voice.”

“It’s the search to find stars and put them together and create a group as opposed to some of the other shows that might have great television or might have the bad acts for the value of a TV show,” executive producer Danny Rose told TV critics in January. “I think our whole approach has been we’re creating a girl group, show or no show. It just happens to be documented.”

Frank Gatson and Kelly Rowland in BET's "Chasing Destiny"

Frank Gatson and Kelly Rowland in BET’s “Chasing Destiny”

The series, premiering tonight (April 5) at 10:30 p.m., follows Rowland and colorful industry vet Frank Gatson searching high and low for talent to form into a girl group that will rival the success of En Vogue, SWV and Rowland’s Destiny’s Child.

“What separates us from the other shows is those were TV shows first,” added co-executive producer Jason Sands. “They were sold as a TV show. This was a project that Kelly and Frank were doing regardless of the television show, and we were fortunate enough to be able to jump on and document something that was really happening, so I think it really is a much different animal than ‘The Voice’ or ‘American Idol’ or anything else like that.

Below, Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson tells us what this show is NOT:

“Chasing Destiny” premieres tonight (April 5) at 10:30 after “Black Girls Rock.”

Watch promos for the show below: