Inside The Happenstance

Inside The Happenstance

*Well, I’ll be damned as Victor Newman on The Young & The Restless would say.

You’d think that all the outing of racists via social media, video and everything in-between would make these ignorant people think twice before showing maintaining their stupidity in the spotlight.

But nope. Apparently stupid doesn’t work that way.

The latest example of this is a black female customer who attended an eatery called The Happenstance in London. She was with a group of white friends and when she got her copy of the bill she noticed it described her as “no ice n*gga.”

Her friend was so mortified she immediately took a picture of it and posted it on social media.

And yes, it has since gone viral.

Like I said, stupid has its own strategy. And while it makes no attempt to change, the company that owns the restaurant issued an apology.

“We are appalled by the unacceptable behaviour of one of our waiting staff. He has been suspended from duty pending a full disciplinary. We have contacted two members of the group that were at The Happenstance yesterday afternoon and have apologised unequivocally. Drake & Morgan as a business do not discriminate on the grounds of race, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or color. We cannot apologise enough and are saddened that one person’s irresponsible behaviour could risk damaging our reputation.”

Now let’s revisit at least ONE of the lines in the above apology. Surely, you know which one I mean. It’s like a pink elephant in a black room.

“He has been suspended from duty pending a full disciplinary.”


Something smells funny here. On the one hand Drake and Morgan is ‘appalled’ and say they are saddened that ‘one person’s irresponsible behaviour could risk damaging our reputation’ — yet this only warrants a suspension?

What would they have to feel in order to FIRE the fool?

Read more and see the receipt for yourself at EURThisNthat.