chicago murder scene

Police investigae a fatal shooting on the streets of Chicago

*(Via TheRoot) – In what is even more bad news for a city seemingly beleaguered with it (including a teacher’s strike this week), a new report from the Chicago Police Department confirms that murders in the city have risen 72 percent and that shootings have increased by 88 percent in the first three months of 2016 as compared to last year.

USA Today reports that the city has reportedly seen 141 murders this year, compared with 82 murders at the same point last year. Police reported nearly double the number of shootings (677 this year compared with 359 at the same point in 2015.)

Newly appointed interim Superintendent Eddie Johnson had this to say about the news: “In the coming weeks and months, I plan on meeting with and listening to a range of Chicagoans—from activists and elected officials to ministers and parents—to find ways that we can come together to build mutual trust and lasting partnerships that will make our streets safer for everyone.”

Police attribute the astronomical rise in violence to street gangs, and say that the trouble is happening in the mostly black South and West sides of the city.

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