Gary Dourdan

Gary Dourdan attends the 14th Annual Les Girls at Avalon on October 6, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

*Troubled actor Gary Dourdan is on the verge of being fired by his lawyer – who, according to – has headed to court demanding a judge allow them to drop his client because he’s become impossible to represent.

Dourdan filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2014, and claimed to have only 988k in assets and owing 1.46 million to creditors. His assets included $20 cash on hand 1k in his savings, 1k in household items, 1k in clothing and a 1k watch.

A breakdown of his debts is as follows:

  • 949k on his L.A. home mortgage
  • Over 200k owned in back taxes
  • $1,400 owed to American Express
  • $626 to owed to Time Warner
  • $4,368 in fees due to his criminal probation
  • 2k to a Marina Del Rey hospital
  • Over 2k for a storage unit
  • $130 for a traffic ticket

Additionally, Dourdan and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Cannizzaro retuned to court to battle it out over a suit she filed against the actor, asking a judge not to wipe clean the 110k owed to her as part of a settlement deal they made after he physically assaulted her back in 2012. The attack lead to Cannizarro to file suit against Dourdan for assault & battery, and she eventually obtained a restraining order him. Dourdan was charged with felony assault & battery, and her original suit demanded unspecified damages.

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However, Nicole explained in her new complaint that the previous case ended after the actor agreed to a settlement. Per their deal, Dourdan was to pay a total of 110k to end the court battle with Cannizarro. He was to make 2 payments of 10k then 36 monthly payments of $2,500, and she would dismiss all claims against him.

The ex-CSI star said that he did indeed reach such an agreement in the original suit. However, he demanded the entire amount owed to Cannizarro be wiped clean in his bankruptcy and her lawsuit be dismissed, primarily because he said he did not deliberately intend to injure his ex.

Then on March 22nd, Dourdan’s lawyer headed to court pleading with the judge to allow him to drop his client because the firm’s relationship with Dourdan has deteriorated to the point where they find it impossible to continue representing him in court. Due to ethical reasons, his lawyer didn’t want to do into details about why he wants to cut ties with Gary, but is willing to come back to court and explain confidentiality.

The firm also accuses Dourdan of refusing to pay their invoices for past work done on his cases.

The judge has yet to make a decision on the motion.