Ken E. Nwadike Jr. *What happens when you offer free hugs at a Donald Trump rally verses at a Bernie Sanders rally? Members of the “Free Hugs Project” recently learned that the hate and resistance that unfolds at Trump engagements is not limited to their TV screens. The group launched a new social experiment that highlights the glaring climates of Trump and Sanders’ respective rallies.

As Yahoo reports, the Project, which began at the Boston Marathon one year after the 2013 bombing, was not well received at a Donald Trump rally earlier in March. When Ken Nwadike, the man behind the project, approached people in the crowd, he was met with hostility and anger – to the surprise of no one.

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In a video posted to the Free Hugs Project Facebook page, you can see Nwadike adorned a shirt and sign that reads “Free Hugs, approaching a few Trump supporters, who are rather cold toward him. One person even swiftly said, “I don’t want any drugs” before he was able to explain the premise behind the campaign, “Make America LOVE Again.” In an interview with amNewYork, Nwadike said, “I figured there was going to be a lot of hate.”

When he approached two young men to talk about hate, they both responded, “There is hate but there’s bigger problems.” While hugging a white woman, she yelled out “White is better!”

Another woman threatened to punch him in the face if he did not vote for Trump. Nwadike notes that he never receives a full-on hug from a Trump supporter, but he does get a handshake from a police officer working the crowd.

While attending Sanders’ rally in San Diego, Calif., with the same attire and sign, Nwadike received a not so surprising different reaction, one that represents what the movement is all about. Per their website, the initiative seeks to spark a “movement to spread love, inspire change, and raise awareness of social issues.”

While the intention is righteous, any progressive black person can’t help but wonder why a black man would go out of his way to exchange and receive energy from hateful white folks. It’s a level of insanity most of us may never understand…and that’s probably for the better.

Watch the scene unfold below.