ted cruz (wins wisconsin)
*The dire warning and prediction I made three months ago is edging closer to coming to pass.

First, the warning was: Knock off the Trump obsession! The far greater danger is Ted Cruz.

Now the prediction. The GOP ticket will be Cruz/Kasich. The GOP establishment will maneuver it this way. Trump will not have the required 1200 plus delegates to secure the nomination going into the GOP convention.

This will toss it to a second ballot at the most a third ballot. The combination of Cruz’s pledged delegates, combined with Kasich’s and Rubio’s and arm twisting many of Trump’s delegates to defect will be enough to put TCruz over the top.

The deal with Trump will be accept it and support the ticket if you want to do business with a GOP White House–business favors, contracts, and a wipe out of pesky regulations.

The deal with Trump’s most messianic backers to get them to toe the line is to pound them with the mantra” Do you want to see a Hillary White House.”

It will be a bitter, no-holds, knock down drag out contest with a superhuman effort by the GOP to massage, manipulate and ultimately suppress the vote in the six must win swing states controlled by either GOP legislatures and/or governors.

Note I have not been wrong on any of my political calls.

Sanders-Clinton tomorrow.

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