*Some members of the Jackson family are reportedly concerned that Michael’s daughter is dating a racist.

According to TMZ, Paris Jackson has been seeing a man named Michael Snoddy, who sports a tattoo of the Confederate flag on his arm.

The family thinks that Snoddy, a drummer with the band Street Drum Corps, has an issue with African Americans since the tat is so “strategically placed for all to see,” according to the website.

Paris Jackson and Michael Snoddy

Paris Jackson and Michael Snoddy

But when TMZ asked him about the tat, “Snoddy scoffed at the claims and said, ‘I wouldn’t be dating a black girl if I were a racist.’”

Per TMZ:

That answer might not fly with the Jacksons, so we’re guessing his other defense could be he’s a fan of Pantera’s album, “Cowboys From Hell.” Notice the “CFH” on the tat. That group used the flag on its merchandising and posters, although some members have expressed regret.