jay z and Rymir Satterthwaite

*To say this dude is determined and is not stopping is an understatement.

Rymir Satterthwaite, who alleges he’s Jay Z‘s son, is taking his case to a congressional hearing the U.S. Capitol.

RadarOnline is reporting that the Family Civil Liberties Union/FCLU recently took up Satterthwaite’s paternity case against Jay Z.

“A family advocate in Baltimore, Maryland, NickyRoberts, was given opportunity to have several people from around the country speak about their problems with family court and/or attorneys,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Rymir has been approved to speak and will get about five minutes in front of Congress!”

Tentatively scheduled for April 29, Satterthwaite, 22, plans on discussing “corruption and other problems within the court system,” especially as it relates to his case, says the insider.

That begs the question, how will this affect Jay Z?

Well, previously RadarOnline reported that the case was in the federal court system and insiders said the new publicity could be the push that Satterthwaite’s family – which includes his godmother Lillie Collie, as well as his mother Wanda Satterthwaite – needs to resolve their case after several years.

“Wanda Satterthwaite was asked to provide information to U.S. Congressman, Ryan Costello, who believes family court issues are a national problem which many have across the nation,” the insider told RadarOnline, adding, “Wanda has provided her information already too.”

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If you’re new to the story, here’s some of what we’ve been reporting for the past year:

Blue Ivy may have an older half-brother.

Jay Z is currently tied up in a legal battle with a 21-year-old man who claims the rap mogul is his father.

The National Enquirer says it has uncovered documents that show Shawn Corey Carter (Jay Z) was sued by 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite, an aspiring rapper, in 2014. Satterthwaite told a New Jersey court that his mother, Wanda, had an affair with Jay Z in the 1990s, and that HOVA has done everything in his power to cover it up.

Per Radar Online:

According to the tabloid, Satterthwaite, through his legal guardian – a paralegal name Lillie Colley – accused Blue Ivy’s dad of lying to the court to avoid taking a paternity test.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Meanwhile, as Rymir’s family continues to launch their battle against the music mogul, 46, Satterthwaite forges ahead with his music career following in his alleged father’s footsteps.

Click on the video below to watch Rymir’s latest video, “City Lights Remix.”