Katt, Tyga*Comedian Katt Williams returned to court in Gainesville, Ga., on Thursday, where he was indicted on assault and drug possession charges from a February arrest involving threats made against his bodyguard.

He was granted a $500 bond following his Wednesday arrest for getting into a fight with a 17-year-old boy at a pickup soccer game last week.

The judge made it clear to Katt that she’s had enough of his shenanigans. The comedian has been arrested four times in a little over a month.

“This was not a popular decision to have you released on bond,” she said. Check out the clip below of Katt’s interaction with the judge, who offered this tip … “We all need to slow down a little.”

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In an interview with USA TODAY, Katt’s attorney said that he does not expect the new arrest to impact any of his other open cases.

“From our perspective, all of these cases are suspect,” he says, noting that in at least two of the cases, charges weren’t filed until the news hit social media. In fact, in the fight case, “there was police officer there for the entire event and he didn’t file charges … You look at all of them and there’s a warning sign that he’s a target … All of these allegations are just so clouded and when you’re talking about a high-visibility person like Katt Williams, you just have to be curious as to what is the motivation of the accusers.”

Williams had been scheduled to perform a pair of shows in Louisiana this weekend, but those dates have been pushed back until April 30 (Bossier City) and May 6 (New Orleans). All tickets will be honored on the new dates.

Meanwhile, rapper Tyga is mourning the death of his friend and bodyguard, who was killed in a freak accident on an L.A. freeway … TMZ has learned.

Arlester Henderson – known as Punch to Tyga and his crew – was driving early Wednesday morning when he got into a collision with another vehicle on the 10 freeway.


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Cops say Punch got out of his SUV to check on people in the other car, and was struck and killed by a passing car. Tyga’s rep says he is “devastated, shocked and heartbroken.” Henderson was 29.


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