Katt Williams

Katt Williams attends Rick Ross’ 40th Birthday Celebration on January 28, 2016 in Fayetteville, Georgia. (Jan. 28, 2016 – Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images North America)

*Did troubled comedian Katt Williams challenge the 17-year-old Georgia high school student he was captured on video brawling to a rematch? According to the teen’s uncle, yes he did!

As it was previously reported, after footage of Luke Wash putting Katt in a choke hold went vial, both he and Katt responded to the incident, with Luke saying that a playful game of soccer turned serious when Katt felt violated by Wash and challenged him to a fight.

“We were playing a game of soccer, and I just thought it was a soccer game, but stuff happens in sports,” Luke told DailyMail. “He took me over to a secluded area and asked me to hit him and I was like, ‘I’m not just going to hit you. You want to square up?’ And then he sucker-punched me so I did what I did.”

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According to New York Daily News, Wash’s uncle said Williams wanted to rumble with the teen once again.

“My nephew told me after the altercation happened, Katt Williams went on Instagram and he told Luke to meet at the same spot so they can fight again,” Cedric Wash said.

Wash, who was left stunned andin  disbelief after watching the video, claims he had to calm his own nerves to avoid making any rash decisions.

“I was like, wow, that’s him,” he said. “Why is my nephew in a grown man’s face. I wanted to take matters into my own hands, that’s what families do. I had to tell myself not to be irrational. Let the police handle the situation.”

As Vibe notes, the incident took place outside a subsidized apartment in Gainesville on March 22. Gainesville Police said they’ve encountered many incidents with Williams in the past few weeks.