loren lorosa & lisaraye mccoy

eEURweb associate Loren LoRosa and LisaRaye McCoy

*The “Married But Single” stage play produced by Je’ Caryous Johnson took LA by storm at its exclusive industry viewing in Downtown Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre this past week.

The production’s star studded cast included Carl Payne, Lisaraye McCoy, Darrin Henson, Chrisette Michelle, Lamyia Good, Samson Logan, Terrell Carter and Skye Griffin.

EURweb’s Loren LoRosa spoke with actress LisaRaye McCoy before the curtains open and here is what she had to say about what the audience was to expect:

“There is at least one character on stage that everyone will be able to identify with- there are dynamics that happen in relationships for both men and women“

The stage play depicts the many faces of the various trials of married life.

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The first face- the tribulation of finding the point in any relationship where the idea of marriages is a want for both parties! This often includes juggling the reality that one significant other may arrive at this love defying point before another.

The second face- juggling work, bills, lack of excitement, children and all of the things that come after the I Do in efforts to sustain the happy marriage phase.

The third face- understanding that your spouse is human and that humans make mistakes- in some marriages these mistakes mean infidelity. We learn quickly through supporting actress in the play, Chrisette Michele, that this is not always the easiest thing to do!

The fourth face- prepping ourselves to overcome the internal battles that often hold love seeking individuals back from ever fully connected with their soulmates. A need for attention, pain and even self doubt are depicted during the play as we see Lamiya Good struggle with some trials of her own!

The new mom of one is currently juggling the curves of family life with recording artist Eric Bellinger, we asked Lamiya how she managed to keep it all together during a time where being committed is not the most popular thing an here is what she had to say:

“I think that at the end of the day, it all boils down to keeping family first, prioritizing and staying true to what’s important”

Of the many Hollywood mentions there, Malaysia of “Basketball Wives LA” appeared on the carpet and jokingly discussed her current divorce from Charlotte Hornets player— Janeiro Pargo. She even snapped back about the perception that being apart of a show like Basketball wives places on the married community. We even shared a few laughs with Tammi Roman who stepped out to support her fellow Hollywood colleagues. Tammi let EURweb know that despite the feelings she has expressed in regards to the illustrate reality tv has painted of her she has nothing but great things to say about the new angle reality tv is taken, she even gave us her best Love & Hip Hop NY star, Cardi B, impression.

Watch as we got to know the cast of Married but Single and more, here:

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