NIcki Minaj and Meek Mill

NIcki Minaj and Meek Mill

*Promo clips of Nicki Minaj’s appearance on Thursday’s “Ellen” had folks thinking that she had kicked her boyfriend Meek Mill to the curb. But the rapper has since assured everyone they are still a couple, and that people misunderstood her comments.

Minaj, who visited “Ellen” to plug her role in “Barbershop: The Next Cut,” was asked about her relationship with Meek, currently on house arrest for a probation violation stemming from a 2009 drug and gun conviction.

Nicki referred to Meek as “this boy who likes me” and told host Ellen DeGeneres that she’s tired of people reading into their relationship based on her social media postings or public comments, so she going to keep her comments about it to a minimum from now on:

“Now, I feel like going back to that and saying you know what, I’m single. Because, for instance, Valentine’s Day passed and I didn’t put up my Valentine’s Day gift on Instagram and people said, ‘They’re not together.’ We were getting anonymous messages saying, ‘Yeah, she wasn’t with him and she was crying all day.’ Just putting up all these things. Meanwhile, we were really in bed all day on Valentine’s Day. Like, seriously! We were in bed all day and then I got up and opened these three amazing gifts, and then I went back to bed. Then I read this story that we weren’t together on Valentine’s Day and it just made me realize that no matter how great your life is, you can’t even impress people. You just have to do you and make yourself happy and forget about trying to get everyone’s approval. It’s better just to keep those things sacred.

“So, now, I don’t really care to say ‘I’m in a relationship’ or ‘I’m engaged’ or whatever. There’s a boy that likes me. That’s all.”

“He and I are just two souls right now passing through the universe, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I just have learned over the years to just let things be and come and go as they’re gonna come and go.”

Ironically, folks read into those comments as well and concluded that Nicki and Meek were on the outs. She had to set everyone straight on Instagram, first by posting a screenshot of a fan criticizing the jump to conclusion, and then Nicki addressing it directly:

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Watch the clip of Nicki talking about Meek Mill below: