teen & old man1

*A teenager is finding out there are consequences and repercussions from allegedly using the N-word when he got slapped around the face by an elderly man.

The Daily Mail reports video footage of the incident was filmed from a distance by a shocked commuter in Sacramento.

In the clip, the man, who had grey hair and wore a black jack, approaches one of two teenagers while riding the Sacramento light rail. Although most of what was said between the man and the teen is inaudible as they argue with each other, it appears the man is telling the teen to get off at the next stop.

It was then that the n-word was heard, which prompted an immediate response from the man in the form of a slap in the face to the teen. As the man mounted an attack on the teen the person filming the video is heard gasping in shock at what just happened.

As the video continued, the man is seen throwing a punch at the teen, who wrestled with him before suddenly dropping to the floor, the Daily Mail noted, adding that another teenager’s failed attempt to grab hold of the elderly man and break up the fight.

The man and the teenager who uttered the n-word are captured on the video wrestling with each other as the man maintains his grip on the struggling teenager on the floor. Although the same teen appeared the use the racial slur again to get to his feet, he ended up getting knocked back down by the man.

“I told you not to talk sh*t,” the man told the teen.

teen & old man

Seeing enough of the fight, another man took action to put an end to the ruckus as she shouted over to the fighting trio to stop .

“Hey, leave the little kids alone now,” the commuter said. “Leave the little kids alone now. I’m going to tell you once, leave the f***ing kids alone now.”

Still in anger mode, the man stopped fighting with the teen and put his focus on to the rail passenger calling for the end of the fight. The elderly man appears to explain what just happened to the passenger who looked to reason with him and calm him down.

At this point, the video ends abruptly without any information regarding what happened after the fight.

To see the fight between the elderly man and the teen, check out the video below: