Sir Paul McCartney...What?

Sir Paul McCartney…What?

*The ink was hardly dry on the paperwork that had the Michael Jackson estate selling off the late singer’s prized possession of the Sony/ATV Music Catalogue that included The Beatles repertoire.

And as Michael most likely continues to turn in his grave (he loved having that catalogue in his family!) 73-year-old Sir Paul McCartney, who “fell out” with Jackson over his business decision to make the purchase, threw his hat in the ring what seems like SECONDS after the sale went public; launching a bid to regain control of his share of the legendary music – much of which he co-wrote with the late, great John Lennon.

U.S. Copyright laws are certainly on McCartney’s side. The U. S. Copyright Act of 1976 gives artists the OK to apply to regain control of publishing rights 56 years after their material is first published. Thus, in 2018, The Beatles’ catalogue wil become available.

I guess his bid will be tied up in court for another two years…so he’s starting early.

Lennon-McCartney became a brand of its own, seeing as the late John Lennon and his co-mate wrote just about all of the songs in the legendary band’s catalogue. With Lennon’s untimely death on December 8, 1980 by an ugly, stupid, piece of shit named Mark David Chapman (who is still behind bars after his eighth bid for probation was denied) McCartney is now free to claim those publishing rights as well.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney from "The Girl Is Mine"
Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney from “The Girl Is Mine”

According to reports, Jackson bought the publishing rights to the ATV music catalogue  in 1985 for $47.5 million dollars after beingunintentionally schooled on the importance of publishing ownership by fellow musician and personal friend, Paul McCartney. Some reports claim the Beatle was aware that the catalogue was up for sale, but he did not enter into the 1984 bidding war; while others say he was simply outbid by the crafty business sense of a young Michael Jackson. Either way, McCartney has not been shy about telling the media he felt betrayed by Jackson’s purchase.

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