Steve & Marjorie Harvey

Steve and Marjorie Harvey get together for pictures on the Blue Carpet

*It’s the day after April Fool’s Day so you can rest easy that you won’t be pranked just because it’s April Fool’s Day. But then the joke could still be on you just because.

OK, we digress. Back to our story.

It seems the mischievous Marjorie Harvey went all in by posting something she knew would most like scare the crap out of her hubby, Steve Harvey. And just what did she do?  She posted a fake announcement that she had joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta!”

Oh Lord! It’s a wonder ambulance didn’t have to be called for poor ol’ Steve. 🙂

You see he wasn’t in the joke and of course his reaction is just what you’d expect from the funnyman.

?????? #aprilfools #marjorieharvey #gotcha @iamsteveharveytv @theladylovescouture

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On the other hand, we’re sure the producers of the show would pay her twice what they are reportedly paying NeNe Leakes (a reported $2.4 million) to be on the show. But of course we know it ain’t ever gonna happen, right Mr. Steve Harvey? 🙂