professor caught in sex act

*I guess we can file this under karmic retribution, or perhaps the Shakespearean saying, “Thou doth protest too much.”

After Edward Jones, a tenured professor of 20 years at Alabama A&M University, filed a lawsuit against the school with the intention of bringing certain administrative concerns to light; and the school, in turn, started termination proceedings against him, an irrefutable sex tape of Jones was stumbled upon in the process.


If we were keeping score, this would definitely be one for the university!

The tape, found on a university-owned laptop at Jones’ home, showed Jones in three sex acts, twice showing the professor having oral sex with two different male students. All three instances occurred on the Alabama A&M campus, the school said.

Jones’ lawsuit had claimed years of harrassment by the school after he attempted to reveal the administrative issues.

Jones’ attorney, Lee Loder,  is probably trying to wrap his head around this new revelation because he is mum beyond his clients actual lawsuit, thus far.

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