Black Book, Tyrese Gipson, V. Bozman

Tyrese Makes Director Debut With ‘The Black Book’

* Tyrese Gibson Releases “The Black Book” the Full Short Film! The official short film was released everywhere on Easter. This short features songstress V. Bozeman.

The Black Book is directed and written by Tyrese Gibson.

Billie Jordan’s quick synopsis

In the short film, “The Black Book,” an elder couple begin the presentation. They are sitting at a table for a dinner celebration. They are in their own lovely home.

Viewers shortly find out that the wife of the couple has dementia and that the husband is recanting the story of their lives. Its their 45th wedding anniversary.

As the elder that plays an aged Tyrese reads through his ‘black book’ diary, the film cuts to a memory of the struggles that the couple endured together in their youth.

The viewers see Tyrese Gibson and V. Bozeman who musically play out the character roles of the young couple; an impoverished inner city family with  children.

The story moves ahead with the two singing and acting their roles. Their is footage of the husband, Tyrese cheating with a non black as  the depiction of the elder couple’s married history ensues.

Their struggle is repleat with dysfunction; including the fighting and destruction, stereotypical to inner city relationships.

Ultimately, the wife forgives the husband and in an inner city, hood fashion ~ he tells her to:  go and fix my food (tacos) while I go outside for a smoke. [ so as to not] let you drive me crazy. You know I ain’t going no where, Tyrese tells  V. Bozman.

The story cuts back to the elder couple as they are celebrating their anniversary…

Watch ‘The Black Book’ here.

The Black Book (Starring Tyrese Gibson and V. Bozeman) from Voltron Pictures on Vimeo.

In his own words:

“I am on one mission and one mission only… to save our beloved genre R&B Soul. The success of my #BlackRose album has created new standards in music!!! #1 in 15 countries and my song SHAME was #1 for 16 weeks on Billboard.

I’m fully committed to the ART of R&B Soul… I paid for “The Black Book” out of pocket while my team fought me about releasing it for FREE!!!! I decided otherwise… I hope you do too…. If you love it, all I ask is that you help ME to MAKE a statement. ” – Tyrese Gibson @TYRESE