universoul - trinity

The Trinity contortionists bent and folded their bodies in awesome ways including this human ladder. Photo by Troy Tieuel

*The “UniverSoul Circus” one of the only successful circus’ run and operated by mostly African Americans has grown tremendously since its founding 23 years ago, is now playing at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California.

The “UniverSoul Circus” will continue until April 17 and seeks to inspire people by showing the full spectrum of culture that exists across the planet displaying acts that are both entertaining and mesmerizing.

Highlights of the show are the three Ethiopian contortionists called Trinity, the charismatic team of colorfully garbed dancers titled the Caribbean Limbo and the Chinese team of acrobats doing everything from feats of acrobatic strength to highflying trapeze acts.

The show is hosted by the charismatic ringmaster Tony Tone, who danced and joked his way through the show highlighting and introducing the main acts and was contrasted by the three of the four clowns performing in this 2016 show.

These clowns brought much comedy to the show including a wordless performance using whistles as they moved around four celebrity guests for a hilariously entertaining dance off.  The guests included singer Howard Hewitt, and comic actor Kel Mitchell.

The “UniverSoul Circus” pulled out no stops bringing the heavy machines like the “Wheel of Death,” a huge metallic Ferris-wheel-like contraption that required the performers to use gravity, torque and centripetal forces as they balance themselves and each other while twirling, flipping and even doing a tricky mid air summersault while spinning.   Three motorbike stunt riders bravely flipped and jumped over the crowd under the relatively small tent erected by the circus inside the parking lot of the Stub Hub Center.

The “UniverSoul Circus” is a family oriented show that delights all in a positive environment that is recommended for people of all ages.

For more information about the UniverSoul Circus or to get tickets, go to http://www.universoulcircus.com.

universoul - ccown dance off

FRESH CLOWNS: One of the Fresh the Clownsss trio directs a young lady to get up and dance only using a schoolyard whistle. Photo by Troy Tieuel

universoul - limbo5

: COLOR ME CARIBBEAN: The limbo is always an interesting activity to watch, but the performers from Color Me Caribbean added fire and Afro-Caribbean dance moves into the fray increasing the entertainment value of their colorful performance. Photo By Troy Tieuel

universoul - dancers1

A COLORFUL DISPLAY: The Color Me Caribbean dancers performed in brightly colored outfits from center stage and throughout the big top. The one thing that can be said about the UniverSoul Circus is that they utilize their personnel quite well, including the spaces that are set up on stage as well as the walkways surrounding the stage. Photo by Troy Tieuel

universoul - zebra

ANIMAL FUN: A team of wild zebras came storming out from back stage amazing the crowd but surprisingly held in check by subtle gestures and the commanding presence of one woman during last Wednesday’s performance. Photo by Troy Tieuel

universoul - china1

Performers from China showed what strength and conditioning could accomplish as the two balanced from a full standing position down into a prone position all while the female balanced in a hand stand moving from fully extended legs back and forth into the splits and back to straight. Photo by Troy Tieuel

universoul - trinity

The Trinity contortionists bent and folded their bodies in awesome ways including this human ladder. Photo by Troy Tieuel