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*Oh God, it just went from bad to worse for Bill Cosby. According to a deposition in a long-settled civil case released by the Associated Press, the embattled entertainer admitted to having sex with at least two teen-aged girls and said an agency would send “five or six” models to his studio each week while he was filming one of his sitcoms. The bombshell news comes on the eve of a preliminary hearing on the lone criminal case against Cosby.

Cosby said he would give the struggling, young actresses a “very, very good meal” and described a sexual encounter he had with one of them in 2000, according to the transcripts from the depositions Cosby gave in 2005 and 2006 for Andrea Constand’s civil suit against him.

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Geez Bill. Not a good look at all. Another hit to your rep.  🙁  Here’s a portion of the transcript (via People and theAP) regarding one teenage girl:

Q: She says that just days after … she told you that she did not drink, you told her to come over to (your townhouse) and served her amaretto. Do you recall serving her amaretto?

A: No.

Q: That you told her to sit next to you on the couch and that you put your arm around her and began massaging her shoulder and arms suggestively. Did that occur? … This occurred sometime after you met her parents.

A: I need clarification on time.

Q: She’s 17 and I believe throughout the time she knows you she becomes 18 or 19.

Q: On a later occasion you had her masturbate you with lotion. Did that ever happen?

A: Yes.

Q: (She) used the lotion to rub your penis and make you ejaculate?

A: Bingo.

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Good Lord, Bill. Like we said, this is not a good look at all for the comic.

Cosby faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday to determine if his criminal sex-assault case in suburban Philadelphia goes to trial.

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