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Alfred Torregano & Chris Angelo Word

*The founders of Optimal NutritionChris Angelo Word and Alfred Torregano are two individuals who each have had unique health challenges in their lives. And it was a chance meeting at a Floyd Mayweather Sam Watson Celebrity Basketball game a few years ago that they somehow were able to connect with one another.

Folks I got to tell you something, if there was ever an odd couple, these two fit that category.

Let me begin with Chris who is 58 years of age and originally from St. Louis MO. He is a former U.S. Marine who joined in 1976 and served until 1979 when he was honorably discharged.

On March 31, 2005 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and after a year of kemo therapy and follow up treatments, his condition began to slowly improve. He considers himself a survivor today although he takes one day at a time.

He keeps himself very active with vigorous exercise. by walking, playing golf, and doing other activities.

In 2006 Chris started the Life Driven Cancer Foundation and to this day he has garnered support from several entities including Ralphs Inc., and Team Watson just to name a few.

Alfred Torregano is a young man who hails out of Inglewood Calif., 31 years of age, and was born and raised there. His father was a construction worker and his mother was director of the renowned Bridge Back non-profit group. Throughout his early life he was afflicted by severe acne conditions including eczema, and he also suffered from allergies with constant bouts of asthma. As he was growing up he would always encourage other family members and close friends to eat more healthy foods and be more concerned about what goes into their bodies.

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So yes, you could say that Chris at 58 years of age, and Alfred at only 31 would seem to be an odd couple. But a chance meeting at a celebrity basketball game in which they shared what they had in common in dealing with their own personal health struggles was the spark that lit the fire for the two of them to form a partnership.

They are the co-founders of Optimal Nutrition a vitamin supplement that provides energy, strengthens overall immune systems, and is anti-inflammatory.

This vitamin supplement contains natural life sustaining ingredients which includes moringa, camu camu, tumeric, chaga mushroom, reisha, spirulina, relish, mushroom, cayene, and acai.

This vitamin supplement has been a game changer for the lives of Chris and Alfred and they have been eyewitnesses to the benefits of making it part of their daily regimen with vigorous exercise.
Chris believes that his cancer is now in remission due to the ingredients that are in this supplement, and he is now living a more healthier life. And he would like to pass on to other people the benefits of the ingredients and to encourage others around the world to start living an Optimal Nutritional life.

Alfred no longer suffers from the severe acne and asthma difficulties that he once struggled with as a younger man. Together they have become a dynamic duo of sorts and they are challenging anyone who are willing to improve their health to try out Optimal Nutrition. It could be a game changer for your health.

Optimal Nutrition is now available at Simply Wholesome in the Windsor Hills section of Los Angeles, Calif., or you may go to http://www.gooptimal.net/ for more information and to order product.

Mohammed Mubarak

Mohammed Mubarak

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